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Lauren McCall

Lauren McCall is a composer and from Atlanta, Georgia. She studied music education and science education receiving her master’s degrees from the University of Georgia in 2010. Currently Lauren is a member of the Southeastern Composers League, the American Composers Forum, and the International Clarinet Association.

She has had compositions performed in Morehead, Kentucky at a Contemporary Piano Festival, in Eugene, Oregon at the Oregon Bach Festival Composers’ Symposium, and in Lakeland Florida at Florida Southern College for the Grady Rayam Prize in Sacred Music. She has also participated in the Atlanta 24 hour Opera Project twice, and her composition Feathers was read by the Marian Anderson String Quartet. Recently Lauren was a composer in residence for the Grady Rayam Prize in Sacred Music, and this past year she was commissioned by Karen Slack to write a new collection of art songs titled The Amending Life of a Resolute Spirit.

Many of Lauren's compositions draw influence from literary works, visual arts, nature, folktales, history, various cultural music, and travels. She enjoys writing music that tells stories and brings to life history.

Works included on programs sung by Gregory Wiest:
The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock
Recordings available on this website:
I Grow Old, Mp3