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Nathan Crowe

Nathan Crowe holds bachelor's degree in music composition from St. Olaf College. His works contribute to a variety of instrumental, film, electronic, choral and other collaborative forces. During his undergraduate career he engaged with a wide span of contemporary and standard repertoire as he studied composition with Timothy Mahr, Justin Merritt and Reinaldo Moya and performed as an active instrumentalist for the St. Olaf Band and Orchestra. Nathan holds a distinction in keyboard harmony and counterpoint from the Nadia Boulanger Institute/European American Musical Alliance in Paris, France and has also worked with professional film composers Roger Neill and Larry Groupe at the Palomar Film Music Workshop outside of San Diego, CA. Nathan has received individual lessons in composition from Edwin Childs, Philip Lasser and David Maslanka in addition to his studies and is a frequent conductor of his own work. Nathan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under the guidance of David Conte.
Works included on programs sung by Gregory Wiest:
Three Dots…
Recordings available on this website: